Why Knickerbocker Glory?

"As I set about painting this series I had luxury ice cream on  my mind...for some reason the creamy blend of colours kept me thinking of smoothies and berries and then pops of fruit, some little bits of crunch.  Then it struck me: the full ice cream sundae and more...Wikipedia defines a Knickerbocker Glory as "  a layered ice cream sundae that ...may contain ice cream, cream, fruit, and meringue. Layers of these different sweet tastes are alternated in a tall glass and topped with different kinds of syrup, nuts, whipped cream and often a cherry."  This is perfect!

My new series is scrumptious, smooth, creamy, and whipped but also broken up, layered with citrus bursts and crisp meringue contrast...and sometimes a cherry on top.

Hope you enjoy it!"     CB

This New Series has been under wraps to be launched at my first in-person event since 2019: Bucks Art Weeks where the work will be on display at Flexmore Barn.

As a newsletter subscriber there is a small window for you of 24 hours before we open the BAW doors where you get the direct link to see this series and after that I won't upload the pieces to the shop until after BAW is over. 

If you're interested in a piece or pieces please call me direct on 07922 949489 to discuss and reserve.  I would like to show the complete series for the fortnight if possible, following which I can have the piece(s) framed on your behalf at your expense if you wish (2-4 week delivery). or provide it/them unframed for you to approach your framer of choice.