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Art History 1922-28 - who knew it was this interesting?!

Well on top of doing a lot of research for a 1m squared commission, starting it twice (yes twice, the first canvas my supplier sent was only 90m squared and I didn't notice for 4 days.... :(...wont make that mistake again!) and some non-art related serious admin, I've been keeping up with my #the100dayproject investigating 100 artists through 100 artworks over the past 100 years.

What a super interesting topic I chose....and a little time consuming...oops ;)

I’m learning about art movements and artists own journeys, and of course social commentary along the way. I’m learning that artists like Picasso have work I really appreciate alongside the more unusual work he became known for, I’m learning Surrealism is absolutely not for me, and that even ‘great painters’ created duds, haha!

So on Insta I don't want to flood my grid with 100 artworks interspersed with my own, so I'm doing a daily Story (only lasts 24hrs) and saving to Highlights (like a separate ring-binder) so they stay accessible and build into a body of reference material I can refer back to for ever.

But after the first two (in my last blog) I realised if anyone wants to follow they need the 'blurb' to engage so I have a second 'story' each day with a couple of paragraphs of comment or fact and for those not on Insta in my Blog I'm going to add each days entry, a source link (not usually the only one) and my observations. Phew, sorry that sounded complicated.

So here are the last 7 days to bring you up to scratch. I hope you may like my choices - purely arbitrary, usually something I connect with (I'm sure sometimes it will be something I hate but am interested in - that's the way art goes). If not, I don't mind and you mustn't either - art is so personal. But the things we can learn even from art we don't like are innumerable so bear with me, I hope you stay for the ride



1922 Paul Klee

Twittering Machine

check out more: Twittering Machine - Wikipedia

1923 Max Beckmann

Dancing Bar in Baden-Baden

Dancing Bar in Baden-Baden, 1923 - Max Beckmann - WikiArt.org

1924 Wassily Kandinsky

Heavy Red

check out more: Wassily Kandinsky: Painting "Heavy Red" (1924), Framed - ars mundi

1925 Salvador Dali

Figure at a Window

check out more: Classic Salvador Dali - Figure at the Window - Art and Design Inspiration

1926 Ragnhild Keyser


check out more: Ragnhild Keyser - Wikipedia

1927 Sir William Orpen

To the Unknown British Soldier in France

check out more: To the Unknown British Soldier in France - Wikipedia

1928 Georgia O'Keefe

East River from the Thirtieth Story of the Shelton Hotel

check out more: Georgia O'Keeffe (archive.org)

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