Thank you for visiting my website, I'm a UK artist based in Buckinghamshire and mainly painting contemporary abstract and semi-abstract landscapes. Here you can find examples of my latest Originals, identify and find details of the pieces that are  currently for sale, and look through the Prints I have available (currently these are my Ltd Edition animal prints but I'm looking into high quality prints for my abstracts as well). 


Check out my Bespoke Art page too, I frequently create work to commission and am always happy to discuss a concept with no obligation.  You can find out a bit more about my artistic inspirations and influences below, see what Events I have lined up and check out my artistic chatter in my Blog.

Happy browsing!

About me

My artistic goal is to make statement abstract pieces to draw the eye, give cause for thought and contemplation and to bring pleasure to the observer.  I paint in acrylics, from small individual artworks to medium triptychs and large scale singles and pairs. I get huge satisfaction from knowing a painting of mine has found an appreciative new home and am updating my website to bring the work to a wider audience: since the pandemic began there has been little opportunity to see and to show work.


I create small collections of like pieces but as my style, mark-making, media and inspiration evolve the work can develop rapidly in new directions.  Commonly my work is tranquil and calm, open landscapes or harmonising colour choices.


I've been selling work for nearly 10 years through local events and increasingly social media, I exhibit at Art Fairs and welcome clients to studio visits (in person or virtual) in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire to see my current work.


Thank you for your interest, please message me with questions or feedback, its lovely to hear from new people.  You may be an artist yourself and want to share your artistic journey or ask a question.  You may be someone interested in knowing more about how I work or viewing my finished art.  You may like to know prices, ask shipping costs, want to talk about some bespoke art or just tell me if you've seen something on my site you like :) check out one of these methods or use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.



mobile: +44 (0) 7922 949489


Instagram: search @claire_burke_art

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