Hello - thank you for visiting my website.  Here you can find examples of my latest contemporary abstract acrylic paintings, identify pieces that are for sale, find out a bit about my artistic inspirations and influences and discover a plethora of ways to keep updated.

I've been painting since 2010 and consistently selling art since about 2014.  I've always been creative and to discover that my work appeals to a wider audience than my own friends and family has been a revelation. 2020 became the year I decided to take a leap of faith: I reluctantly resigned from my part time job to joyously step into the daunting job title of Full Time Artist.  If you want to know more please visit and subscribe to my Blog.

My artistic goal is to make statement abstract pieces to draw the eye, give cause for thought and contemplation and to bring enjoyment to the viewer.  I paint in acrylics, from small individual pieces to medium triptychs and large scale singles and pairs.  I create small collections of like pieces but as my style, mark-making, media and inspiration evolve the work can develop rapidly in new directions.  I'm happy to talk about commissions with no obligation (see Bespoke Art) and I exhibit at Art Fairs (see Events) as well as welcoming clients to my studio in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire to see my current work (see Contact Me).

Thank you for your interest, please message me with questions or feedback, its lovely to hear from new people.


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