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'Cloud the Sounds', 60 x 60cm - £495, see SHOP

Hello and welcome, my name is Claire and I'm an acrylic artist. My objective is to make beautiful, contemporary abstract art to catch and hold the eye.  I hope the paintings I create will give cause for thought, delight and intrigue, and  invite the viewer to pause and consider.  I hope you see some of the beauty I see. 


Gilded Luxury 1 - 30 x 30cm  Framed £195


Spotty Vase with Two Flowers - 30 x 30cm, Framed £195

I  use acrylic paint for its versatility and the range of outcomes I can achieve by using it in different ways. I paint individual artworks occasionally, while experimenting, but have always enjoyed working on a pair, group or series especially when I’ve just tapped into something new and exciting.


As my style and mark-making evolve and my media choices and inspiration change the work can develop rapidly in interesting new directions.  

Increasingly, I invite serendipity into my pieces because I’m always drawn to work that looks loose, unplanned, and expressive: it brings a piece alive to me and excites me to know I can’t replicate an exact outcome even adopting the same materials or methods. 

Commonly, my work is tranquil and calm and open, embracing harmonising colour choices: frequently I’m told the work is gentle or serene. Other times there is movement and drama and intrigue expressed through bold marks over blended and layered backgrounds, impromptu linework or scraping, something to look into deeply and challenge for interpretation resulting in a more dynamic outcome.


In essence, though, I aim simply to create something beautiful with which clients connect and I get huge satisfaction from knowing a painting of mine has found an appreciative new home.

Please see the Gallery or Shop for examples of the striking contemporary abstracts I've been creating recently. 

"As I had only seen the painting online, Claire sent me more close-up photos, provided framing advice ...... I am thrilled with my painting and I will be avidly following Claire’s career.”   JD


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