Claire is an experienced artist whose eye for balance and composition has been informing her choices since long before she picked up a paintbrush.  She creates pieces that are striking in different ways – sometimes tranquillity and quietness are evoked perhaps using subtle colours or a limited palette, other times there is drama and intrigue expressed through bold marks over blended and layered backgrounds.

Claire works on small collections of like pieces but as her style, mark-making, media and inspiration evolve the work can develop rapidly in new directions. 

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“I’ve realised how important it is to keep moving in my art, I’m constantly exploring and pushing in new directions.  The experience of creating is exciting and demanding in equal measure but it’s something I’m driven to: I feel stifled when I can’t create.

Part of the process is to understand how people respond to the work, so I love gauging people’s reactions and thrive on feedback.  I get huge satisfaction from knowing a painting of mine has found an appreciative new home, as my paintings are all a small piece of who I am at the time I make them.” - CB

Claire has been selling work for nearly ten years, she is a member of several Art Groups (traditional in-person groups and online paid memberships), she organises a small local Art & Craft Fair annually and exhibits at selected Art Fairs in the South East throughout the calendar year.

Clients are welcome year-round at her home studio, visits can be arranged though the 'Get In Touch' Form